RelaxSoundTrax-Anxiety Relief That WORKS! Our Best-Seller Number One Relaxation Recording!

This recording is the result of many decades of recording natural sounds in multiple locations! Contains various birds, winds, Himalayan Bells, and more. Extremely relaxing! We listened to YOU and are constantly updating PEACEFUL GARDENS! The sample you hear is most current version!

It is meant to be heard as “background” – not to be listened to like your favorite song. This is used in medical therapy, meditation, massage, and clinical hypnotherapy. It is also a very pleasing background sound to replace a noisy radio – in your home, office, or car! It is made at 60 minutes in length, specifically aimed at medical and therapy use. After one hour, you will feel true relaxation! (We added the sounds of flowing Water in a special edition found here!) This is only available as CD, because MP3 downloads are inferior acoustically and cannot convey the proper sound. Just play it at low volume while you work, play, or have quiet time! Order Peaceful Gardens on CD via the Paypal button below!