Peaceful Gardens Inside Story

This CD Series is the result of several decades of our recordings of sounds in nature,(natural sounds and manmade sounds) meant to RELAX you, as AMBIENT “backgrounds of sound” for meditation, hypnosis, or just a soothing alternative to workday radio. They are not meant to be listened to, they are meant to replace the backgrounds of noisy radio and TV with serene, relaxing sounds of nature. They leave you feeling refreshed and calm. The longer it plays, the greater the anti-stress effect! The perfect background of sound!

The recordings were enhanced with special beta and theta waves which are known to cause your body to release endorphins – a morphine produced naturally in the body.

Why? . . . Because endorphins . . .

* have a pain-relieving effect

* help you sleep

* enhance our immune system

* are anti-stress hormones

* block the lesion of blood vessels

* have anti-aging effects by removing Superoxides

* help improve your memory

These selected sounds of nature are soothing enough to be used in Clinical Hypnosis Therapy and Meditation! They are used successfully in home, offices, Waiting Rooms, Baby rooms, clinical massage, study rooms, even low-level background sound during corporate meetings and presentations. The longer the selection plays, the deeper the desired effect!

While there are hundreds of “New Age Music” CDs and songs, we take a more pure approach. We use a combination of natural earth sounds, as well as special tones derived from instruments. You will not find lyrics-based songs here. We are the alternative to the usual singers and acoustic guitar or lengthy, monotonous keyboard pieces. We use natural sounds in place of instruments – heartbeats, birds, crickets, wind-chimes and Himalayan Singing Bowls, rain, and more. The PEACEFUL GARDENS our most popular, most referred & most used recording! Hear a sample from this page and buy your own copy of this beautiful, low level background audio. The PEACEFUL GARDENS VOLUME TWO is a blend of birds, insects, winds and Himalayan Singing Bowls – but adding soothing sounds of trickling, running water. Very enjoyable, especially if water sounds make you feel peaceful!

Again, these are auditory backgrounds – meant as wallpaper, not to be “listened to” as you might listen to a radio song to recite words. These can be played at various levels at the office for lifting your spirits, at home to relax, and in the car – as a tool against road rage. Some are used for pool parties and evening outdoor get-togethers. Some are used in meditation time, or in clinical hypnosis sessions. All these selections are meant to be a mood tool.

The longer it plays, the GREATER the soothing, calming, therapeutic effect!

The selections which are fully described on these pages, are available for purchase here, and are shipped on your choice of a One Hour CD. This is only available as CD, because MP3 downloads are inferior acoustically and cannot convey the proper sound.